What’s a TwigBrush? Natural Toothbrush - No Toothpaste - No Water

June 10, 2016 Ammar Alyemany

TwigBrush is a form of Miswak, a natural teeth cleaning twig made from the 'Salvadora persica' tree, also known as the 'Peelu' tree or 'Toothbrush Tree'. 

It is a traditional and natural alternative to the modern toothbrush and has a long, well-documented history and reputation for its medicinal benefits.


How does TwigBrush benefit my teeth?

Twigbrush has a very unique, completely natural, chemical compositions that aren’t found in many places. There are 70 benefits of this twig known through ancient Islamic literature. Scientists of today have not yet attempted the study all of these benefits, however, others have been proven by labs effective as stated. Here are some of the many benefits of Twigbrush that we think are worth mentioning;

Natural antiseptics

Twigbrush contains numerous antiseptics that kill harmful microorganisms, which cause bad breath, mouth ulcers, gum disease as well as bleeding of the gum.


Silica acts as an abrasive material, which removes stains and other deposits from the surface of the tooth… or in short, whitens your teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has an abrasive effect when rubbed against the teeth. Heck, even the ‘American Dental Associate’ recommends sodium bicarbonate as a preferred ingredient in toothpastes. This is the best whitening toothpaste alternative out there.


Natural resin form a layer over the enamel when the miswak is used. This then acts as a shield and protects your teeth from microbial action.

Essential oils

The miswak contains natural scented oils that serve as two functions. The first is fresher breath, as the natural scent perfumes your mouth and the second is that it helps stimulate the flow of saliva. 


How to use TwigBrush?

(I) Open Seal & Rinse Twig

(II) Trim 1/2 inch from Bark

(III) Gently nibble on the exposed until it begins to form bristles

(IV) Brush teeth and gums as usual (no toothpaste needed as it is naturally moist)

(V) Repeat from step (ii) every 3-5 days or when you feel like the exposed part has lost its moisture


Note that your TwigBrush might have a strong earthy smell to it when first opened, but that's only because we make sure that our product is fresh and the best quality possible, so it comes from the tree, straight to the package. Good news is, once you rinse your TwigBrush, the smell should be gone within a day or two.

These directions could also be found at the back of the package.

Get your TwigBrush today, enjoy the benefits and keep smiling :)