4 Steps To Develop The Habit Of Miswak During Ramadan - TwigBrush

June 10, 2016 Ammar Alyemany

These days, you see so many products marketed as being derived from Miswaks. Whether it's toothpaste, candy, or chewing gum. They are all over the place. However, when was the last time you used an actual Miswak?

Cleanliness in Islam is given a lot of importance. Islam teaches special cleanliness for the mouth in order to keep away from diseases and also to make ones breath pleasant so that it doesn’t become a cause of discomfort to others, and what better time to adopt this habit of using a Miswak to keep your mouth clean than the month of Ramadan.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) was very keen on using Miswaks himself, even during the month of Ramadan, and encouraged his companions to do the same.


But here’s the truth: Adopting the habit of using a Miswak is easier said than done.

Take me for example... When I first started using a Miswak, I'd use it for a week or 2, then gradually stop using it as often. Soon my Miswak is no where to be seen.

However, I did manage to adopt this wonderful habit after some time and the good news is, it's actually pretty easy. I’ve come up with 4 steps to help adopt the habit of using a Miswak.

1. Use it for 30 Days

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the saying that anything you do for 30 days straight becomes a habit. If that’s the case, this should be your first step in making the use of Miswak a habit.

Through out Ramadan, commit to brushing your teeth with Miswak every morning and evening and/or before after Iftar or Suhoor. 

2. Take it With You

A Miswak is just a twig. It really isn’t anything big or bulky. It’s smaller than the average highlighter. A good way to make it a habit is to just bring it with you everywhere you go. TwigBrush offers a Miswak that comes with it's own customized holder to store the Miswak in.

Soon enough, your Miswak will become as essential as your car keys or cell phone.

And speaking of cell phones…

3. Electronic Reminders

Don't we just love electronic reminders. We use them for many different things, including reminding us of Prayer times. Chances are you’re probably surrounded by gadgets with screens. You probably have a cell phone. Maybe even a tablet. And if you’re reading this article, you most certainly have access to at least one computer. Post digital reminders to use your miswak on all of your gadgets by setting pop-up alerts or setting an image with the reminder as your background!

Now every time you answer your phone, or go on your computer, you’ll see the same reminder: “USE YOUR MISWAK!”

4. Keep Multiple Miswaks With You

This is a no-brainer. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I used to always lose my Miswaks. Even today, I often leave my Miswak at home and forget to take it out with me.

And an easy way to solve this problem is to have several miswak sticks in every place you’re likely to frequent:

  • One in your coat or jacket pocket.
  • One in your car.
  • One in your office.
  • One in your bathroom.

Just make sure you don’t keep your miswak where other people are keeping theirs. That might lead to some very awkward situations.

Ramadan Kareem!