TwigBrush Contest

As many of you might know, we planned on starting a contest last month where the winner would receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card. Unfortunately, due to a high number of sales, we ran out of TwigBrushes and had to wait for the new supply to arrive. Well, we're happy to announce that the new supply has arrived and we are ready to start this contest! And the better news is, as an apology, the prize is now a $500 Amazon gift card.

How this contest works?

  • Simple. You send us a picture of yourself, friend, or family member using a TwigBrush on Five separate days.

 twigbrush pic2

  • Once you've completed five days, your name will be entered in a draw and you'll be given a number. Once the contest has ended, we will use to generate a random number which will decide who the winner is.


  • The winner will then receive an email containing the $500 Amazon Gift Card Digital Code which can be redeemed on


  • This contest start today and ends on March, 28th, 2017. If you wish to enter this contest, start sending us your lovely pictures at -

 twigbrush pic2

It's that simple. We hope this would encourage you to use your TwigBrush more often so as to see and experience the benefits yourself. Additionally, unless you approve to have your pictures featured on our website personally, your pictures will remain both Private and Secure. 

Goodluck & May the best person WIN!